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Health Gig

Jan 8, 2020

Vinny Ferraro has been a practitioner of insight meditation (vipassanā) since the mid 90’s and he is the co-founder of the Dharma Punxs. He's been the guiding teacher of Sangha in San Francisco for 15 years. He is also a nationally recognized leader in designing and implementing interventions for at-risk adolescents and is a senior trainer for Mindful Schools. Ferraro explains that our nervous system is trying to protect us from danger and it often becomes hyper vigilant. This can make us very uncomfortable in our experience. It can also cause us to check out - run through addiction, relationships, food and a thousand other things. Your mind can literally hijack your life. Ferraro explains that mindfulness is almost a silver bullet because for most people it can put us back in relationship with ourselves and our bodies and direct our attention to a different dimension of our experience. Then we are freed up to place our attention on things we feel are worthy. Our awareness becomes almost a super power. In this podcast, he also explains that self-compassion and letting go of the tyranny of perfection is critical. Life is not something you can do wrong. Once we're able to see obstacles as doorways, then we see that whatever we think was IN the way IS the way.  We can literally turn curses into blessings using the alchemy of presence. 

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