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Health Gig

Jan 29, 2020

Zenka is a futurist. She is a thought leader in the future of extended reality, virtual augmented in mixed reality, big picture thinking and exponential change. She works as an advocate for collaboration tools and models which can allow humanity to flourish. In this podcast Zenka admits that people can feel outstripped by all the technology terminology coming through at such a fast pace, but she believes it’s important to remember that there is a brand new opportunity underfoot. Even though it is easy to sit back, companies are actually listening to what we want as consumers. This is our chance to get into the driver’s seat, create a new precedent, and ask for everything we and our communities need to thrive in our lives. She argues, when we step back, things have never been better. We are living twice as long, women are offering a new balance to our decision making, and we have more than enough tools to solve even our biggest challenges. The key is to come together to direct ourselves, rather than letting the technology or autopilot type inertia direct us. In this interview you will learn about the power of our subconscious mind, meditation headsets, voice diagnostic AI, the power of heart and brain coherence, the human genome, and health trackers that give you a window into your emotions. Zenka believes everyone has a gift and a part to play in creating our new future - each little nudge and joyful creation helps get us there. 

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