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Health Gig

Jan 1, 2020

American veteran and highly decorated soldier Dan Nevins is a professional speaker who for over a decade has shared an inspirational message of leadership, perseverance, resilience and overcoming adversity with audiences around the globe. His work with professional and business communities enables his passion of sharing and teaching yoga to the world.

At one time Dan was horrified to think that he would ever become a Yoga teacher, because the image he had of Yoga didn’t fit at all with the image he had for himself.  After having a life changing experience his third time on the mat, he began to realize that yoga and mindfulness meditation help people powerfully return to their bodies and heal themselves definitively from the inside out. He says that many people get disconnected from their body.  Yoga helps change the chemicals in the body and reconnect people with their personal power and each other. 

Dan explains that for him Yoga is a petri dish for his life, teaching him how to slow down, connect, belong and push through all of his limitations. Now, he lives in creation of his life moment to moment rather than in reaction to his life. 

Ironically self love has a boomerang effect.  Dan explains, “What happens if I'm kind to myself? I can actually demonstrate kindness for others much more easily. And what happens when I feel compassion for myself? Then I can find compassion for other people that I might not see eye to eye with.”

Listen in to this powerful interview about how Yoga can transform our lives. 

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