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Health Gig

May 28, 2019

Making a small change can lead to big life changes and healthier habits. Our family friend, Kristen Coffield, is here today to talk about her journey to healthy living and how you can change your life and your habits starting with a Kitchen Intervention. Kristen is the founder and owner of The Culinary Cure. She also has a segment on Good Morning Washington, and she is a huge advocate of eating for health and nutrition and taking small steps to begin large habits.

On this episode, she shares how she was at a low point in her life, until she starting throwing away everything in her kitchen that didn’t serve her well. She replaced the empty space with healthy foods, spices, and tools to eat simple and healthy food that would improve her health and her life. She shares how anyone can get started with a healthier lifestyle. She also shares the importance of replacing bad habits with good habits and some fun and simple healthy recipes.