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Health Gig

Jan 15, 2020

Ryan Zimmerman, who is nicknamed "Mr. National," has been breaking records and playing professional baseball for the Washington Nationals for fifteen years. Last year, Zimmerman helped lead the team to their first ever World Series win and is truly a hometown hero. In this interview Ryan tells us about growing up with athletic parents who pushed him to constantly play outdoors. As a teenager, he found himself learning to cook and help around the house, as his mother was diagnosed with M.S. and confined to a wheelchair. Now, with his own experience as a parent under his belt, he explains that good parenting is really about good listening and showing up daily for your kids in thick and thin. He hopes to show his children that baseball is a great sport because it teaches you that life is not perfect (even though Instagram and Facebook make it seem like that). Failure is an opportunity, he explains. Listen in to learn what a day in the life of a major league baseball hero feels like and why luck happens to those who get out of the backseat, stop blaming people and simply prepare for upcoming opportunities in life. 

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