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Health Gig

Jun 11, 2019

Doro Bush Koch shares what mindfulness is and how important it is to her. I've gotten into mindfulness for reasons that many of you are familiar with. Being in a family of public servants, mindfulness can be an effective tool that helps me cope with stress and anxiety. Things that I’m sure you all know too well.

Mindfulness helped me so much, that I made it my work. I love mindfulness, and I love sharing it with others. We just heard about the body, but a healthy mind is equally as important. As Tricia said, it all goes together, yet we often neglect the health of our minds.

We live in a world that runs at an accelerated pace. Many of us spend our time rushing from one thing to the next thing. We also spend too much time thinking about the past and all of the things that we should have done or thinking about the future and all the things that we need to do. Let’s take a moment during this recording and slow things down.