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Health Gig

Jan 22, 2020

Keith Mitchell is a former all pro NFL linebacker who early in his career suffered an injury on the field that left him partially paralyzed with his career, body and identity destroyed and doctors unable to help him. Keith lost his sense of identity and suffered from depression and even suicidal thoughts. A nurse recommended that Keith try controlled breathing, which eventually led him to meditation and yoga. Today, Keith is a master certified yoga instructor who through his Light It Up charity foundation is bringing yoga and mindfulness meditation to children, vets, first responders, former NFL players and other trauma survivors. In this inspiring podcast, you will learn how breath supports our internal organs and how to use it to manifest love and direction in your life. Keith shares why keeping your identity fluid is critical and why he is so focused on being more human. Mitchell’s life’s mission is to see how much greatness we can put into the world. He explains, “We can't eat money. We can't connect to money, but we can connect to people. We can build a community of people, of conscious thinkers. We can take problems that are happening in our world and we can create a collective and solve them.” Love, specifically self-love, Mitchell explains, naturally goes into other people. What does a fully loved you look like? His new book, The Mindfulness Playbook, explains more and will help you turn your world into a playground. 

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